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Ponies vol. XVII

Things have really slowed down content-wise in the pony fandom, so it’s been 2 months since my last album!  This one’s got 20 songs on it.

Ponies vol. XVI


16 is here, gogogo!

Is it possible for you to reupload your old ponies music mixes (volumes I, II and II all went down with megaupload as you know, volume IV expired on sendspace and volume X part 2 on mediafire doesn't seem to work either, giving copyright error) No worries if you don't have them or cannot reupload them, thanks again :)

I don’t have the old albums saved (they’re all jumbled in my itunes now) but I think most of them are condensed here.  Let me know if it doesn’t work.

Ponies vol. XV

you know the drill

old albums here


EDIT: link fixed, should work now

Ponies vol. XIV

You know the drill!  

Get it here.

Old albums here.

Ponies vol. XIII

Iiiiit’s that time again, folks!! 13th mix album!  Remixes, pop, rap, trance, ambient, we got it all.  Get it while it’s hot.

Old mixes here.

Ponies vol. XII

WOOO get it while it’s hot.

Previous compilation albums under the music tag.

Ponies vol. XI

Here ya go, guys.  26 tracks, featuring new stuff from Yourenigma, Tombstone, SoGreatAndPowerful, and others.

Past albums are scattered throughout the music tag

Ponies vol. X

WOWIE ZOWIE! We made it to TEN mix albums! Because ten is a big round number, I made this album extra big.  It is a whopping FORTY-FIVE TRACKS!!! So many songs, I had to split it in to two parts, which you can find:


ALSO, because I love you all so very much, I made a BEST OF album. I know it maybe seems a little silly to do this seeing as these mixes began as compilations of my favorite pony music, but now that I have 300+ songs, I figure not everyone wants to trudge through the entire set.. so this is a mix of 51 of my absolute favorite music to come out of the pony fandom.  The best of the best! This is also split in to two parts and can be found:


Ponies vol. IX

Yipee!  Get it here before it expires!

I’d also like to direct you over to Balloon Party, a brony-made album with 45 tracks which features the biggest name musicians in the fandom with brand new songs (and it’s name your own price, so if you want, it’s free!).  There are a lot of really catch tracks on there, so I’d recommend checking it out!